Meet Stefan Hartzén

Stefan Hartzén

We welcome our new colleague Stefan Hartzén who comes all the way from Ingelstad in Skåne. Stefan takes over the role of department manager for marketing and sales and we are very happy to have Stefan in our team. Read more below.

Welcome to JOAB, how does it feel?
Thank you, it feels very exciting and motivating to get to know the company, the products and all the new colleagues.

What made you say yes?
Many reasons, but mainly that JOAB is a leading manufacturer of products in an exciting industry, in addition to a pleasant and professional treatment from the first contact. It is nothing but a great honor to be a part of a customer-oriented business like JOAB.

What did you do before you came to JOAB?
I most recently came from Brenderup Group, which produces, sells and markets trailers. I was there responsible for the rental concept Brenderup Rental.

What kind of leader are you and what do you think it takes to succeed in your role?
I value leadership with a clear goal picture and believe that the team is stronger than the self in the pursuit of the goal. I want to say that I am unpretentious in my way of working and am involved in the operational as well as the strategic work. To succeed, I believe it is important to be sensitive both to all competent colleagues, but also to customers to understand future needs and ensure that our offer meets these well.

What are your goals and ambitions with JOAB?
JOAB is a stable and well-run company and I want to help take JOAB to the next level, both in terms of sales but also with good profitability. In this way, you can continue to invest in the future and ensure a safe but exciting workplace for all employees.

How do you see the future of our industry?
The industry is undergoing change, where we have so far only seen the beginning. The pace of conversion to electrified vehicles will increase at an ever faster pace, which will place new demands on everyone who works in the industry.

Finally, do you have any message for your new and future co-workers?
Continue to be curious and committed, taking every opportunity to talk to customers to understand their expectations and how we can help them become even more successful.