An efficient work tool


Our robust and durable crane hook lift made for the Nordic region's harsh climate. At JOAB we have extensive experience of cranes, and, through our partnership with Danish company HMF, we have developed the combination crane hook lift into an efficient work tool for 10-70 ton cranes.

With our crane hook lifts you get the market's best installation dimensions as well as the smart Electronic Vehicle Stability system, EVS*.  All so you can get as much work done as possible during a working day.

*HMF's patent applied Electronic Vehicle Stability system, EVS, calculates the current load of the vehicle continuously so that the crane and truck are in perfect balance. As the system calculates the load on the actual bed as part of the vehicle's tare weight, this means that you actually get a considerably larger working area with load on the bed- this is achieved by EVS.






Our crane hook lift has the market's best installation dimensions and is supplied with the smart Electronic Vehicle Stability system, EVS.

Flexible crane attachment

Flexible crane mounting means that JOAB can position the crane and the hooklift in the optimal location to utilise the chassis to its maximum.

Strong construction

Option to build the crane mounting together with the subframe during production, giving a high quality finish and strong construction.