Cameleont - a long term investment


Fixture installation makes it possible to swap the superstructure between different chassis in less than 5 minutes. Our subframe is also the lowest on the market, with a build height of only 60mm.

Quick facts

  • Quick change, adapted for your customers' transport requirements.
  • Adapted for 2-, 3- och 4-axlade chassis.
  • Swap superstructure in less than 5 minutes.
  • Adapted for both air and leaf suspension.
  • Low build height, only 60 mm.
  • Approved for fifth wheel.
  • Can be adapted for crane bodies up to 29-tons.
  • Gives you, the customer, many years of profitable ownership.
  • We have always promoted safety and usability of our products. In this construction, there are several features and components that increase the safety of the driver and facilitate operation.