JOAB Anaconda Plus Body

JOAB Anaconda Plus Body

JOAB Anaconda Plus Body s intended for the collection of recyclables or bio-waste. It is installed between the cab and the ordinary refuse collection unit. The body is watertight and is therefore suitable for the collection of wet materials. The Plus body is available in a number of sizes to suit different types of operation.

The Plus body is equipped with a vertical hoist for loading on the right-hand side. The hoist is avail-able in different widths depending on the size of the bins. The body is emptied to the left and high up, for easier discharge into containers. It is operated with a joystick from the outside of the vehicle, but the discharging operation is controlled from the cab. The Plus body with hoist is designed so that chassis equipment such as a fuel tank can remain in its original position thanks to a clever design that ensures that it does not go below the chassis frame.

With its low weight and modern technology, Anaconda is one of the smartest and most efficient op-tions on the market for the collection of recycling material. When it was being developed, the focus was on the environmental thinking, low operating and maintenance costs and user-friendliness. The smart solutions used on the Anaconda make it the most environmentally-friendly and economical refuse collection vehicle to own.

Quick facts

  • Optimised hydraulic system – reduced fuel consumption through load sensing system.
  • Low noise level – improved working environment for operators and residents nearby.
  • Lubrication-free bearings as standard – reduced servicing and maintenance costs.
  • Low weight construction – gives increased payload and better overall economy.
  • Hose routing – protected and easy to replace.
  • Controls – ergonomically designed and easy to acces.
  • Robust – through the use of high-strength materials.