HMF Crane 5020-K

HMF Crane 5020-K

HMF 5020K-RCS is radio-controlled and available with up to 8 hydraulic extensions that provide a total range of more than 21 m. The crane can also be delivered with HMF's EVS system monitoring and ensure stability. The double arm system makes it possible to handle heavy lifting close as well as at a long distance and in height.

HMF offers a series of personnel baskets also called MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platform), covering every need and providing maximum safety for the personnel. All HMF’s personnel baskets comply with the strict rules for safety in the EN280 standard.

HMF provides different types of Fly-Jibs; It is possible to lead the winch via the Fly-Jib. HMF Fly-Jibs are available with extra valves, and this means that you can for example fit a grab on the Fly-Jib.

Minimum space requirements
Minimum space requirements for the large crane range give you more space on the truck body - and better economy.


Slew Braking Control - SBC

Damps the slewing motion in the event of sudden stops and gives smooth movements. This means that quick work such as loading and unloading can be carried out more efficiently. The load and wear on the crane's components is also reduced, which gives a longer service life and a higher used value.

EVS – stability system

Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) is a dynamic vehicle stability system that constantly monitors the stability of the vehicle in all working areas during crane operation. EVS actively incorporates the load on the vehicle, the inclination of the ground, the vehicle heel, the load moment of the crane, and its working speed. EVS can increase the […]

HMF Radio Remote Control

HMF's radio control is one part of a unique control and safety system (TCC – Total Crane Control) which gives the crane operator all the advantages and possibilities for radio control of crane functions and essential safety functions in the HMF RCL safety system. A number of actions can be performed in addition to controlling […]

Progressive Crane Control - PCC

Damps both mechanical and hydraulic slewing in the event of sudden movements making crane motion smoother, work more efficient whilst reducing wear.