Hooklift, built for the future, built for you


Our EcoDrive Hooklift has a lot of smart user functions. The patent pending EcoDrive system reduces the energy consumption at the same time as it helps the driver to a safer, easier and faster operation.

  • 18, 21, 24, 27- and 30 ton lifting and tipping capacity
  • EcoDrive* saves up to 50 % energy compared to competing hooklifts
  • Reduced numbers of sensors and hydraulic components
  • Increased rigidity and tippingstability
  • Reduced weight with up to 150 kg
  • IPC, the system senses when the pump needs to be activated, which means the pump only activates when power is needed
  • EcoDrive system has a modular design which means it can easily be equipped with auxiliary features even after manufacture, for example plow hydraulic
  • Our construction is one of the lowest on the markets when it comes to building height and tare weight
  • Automatic lowering brake that dampens the speed in the final stage of lowering movement
  • Part of our construction concept FBS, which comprises corrosion-resistant products (ready-painted during assembly). FBS also gives shorter lead times.
  • We offer a wide range of functions adapted to your specific needs


To simplify the process of selecting the correct EcoDrive opitons we have put together several packages with different options required for certain types of work:

  • The Fast Drive Package
  • The Technical Package
  • The Asphalt Package



Adjustable Hydraulic Flow - AHF

The flow of oil to a trailer tipper outlet can easily be adjusted using the display. For example, when working with ramps on machine trailers. The display clearly shows the set flow rate.

Position Memory System – PMS

The function allows recording of two memory positions for end positions, for example, collecting containers from the ground trailer.

Fast Drive System – FDS

Intelligent stepless fast drive gives faster shunting. The system senses the weight of the load and adjust the speed accordingly, guaranteeing smooth and fast operation.

Fast Lowering System – FLS+

50% faster lowering system for drivers who want even faster respons.

Trailer Safety Tipper – TST

With the EcoDrive system you can lower your trailer even if the pump is switched off. This function also monitors the speed of the vehicle. If it detects that the vehicle is moving faster than 50 km/h, the trailer is automatically lowered**. This reduces the risk of damage. In addition to that, there will never […]

Ecodrive Tipper Mode – ETM

Tipper function is activated in tipper mode, which means you can lower the bed at the push of a button. The bed is automatically lowered at a controlled speed and safety is maintained.

Trailer Fastlowering System – TFS

The tipper trailer function is up to 50 % faster in lowering mode. Optimised hydraulics provide more space for the oil to flow faster and lower the trailer.

Ecodrive Loadholding – ELH

A great feature is our new load-holding-valve (patent pending). It gives energy savings of up to 70 % as all available kinetic energy is used to control the load. The load holding valve also has integrated safety features such as fastclosing hydraulic valves for emergency stops and fewer components that can fail.