JOAB Anaconda Twin

The Anaconda Twin is a Swedish-made refuse collection vehicle with a modern design and creative solutions. The Twin is JOAB’s rear-loading two-chamber vehicle, intended for the collection of domestic refuse, recyclables or bio-waste. It is available in sizes from about 10 up to 18 cubic metres. It has two separate rear doors and a split container, so that there is no mixing of the materials in the separate compartments. With its low unladen weight, high compaction force and modern technology, this is one of the smartest and most efficient options on the market for the collection of recyclables, whether small, large or slit containers are used.
When the Twin was being developed, the focus was on the environmental thinking, low operating and maintenance costs and user-friendliness. The smart solutions used on the Anaconda Twin make it the most environment-friendly and economical refuse collection vehicle to own.

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