Hillend Front Loader by JOAB

HILLEND Front Loader by JOAB

Hillend Front Loaders is a well-established brand in the Nordic countries and is today the largest manufacturer of Front Loaders in Europe.

The bodys are manufactured in sizes between 30 and 36.5 m3 intended for mounting on 3- and 4-axle chassis. The compression takes place with the help of a press plate with strong crossed cylinders. Unloading takes place with the help of the press plate. The loading hopper holds 9.2 m3 and the forks have a lifting capacity of 3.6 tons.

As standard, the lift is delivered with adjustable forks with a   width between 900-1800 mm for handling all types of containers. Maneuvering is done manually and automatic cycling is available as an option.

Hillend Front Loader is equipped with a modern Can-Bus system where all functions can be followed via the control panel in the  cab and where fault diagnosis can also be performed. As standard, a camera is mounted that monitors the safe emptying of the container. More cameras for surveillance is available as an option.

Quick facts

  • Minimised emissions – variable pump minimises the environmental impact.
  • Low tare weight – gives high payload and optimum axle distribution.
  • Accessibility – easily accessible electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • User-friendly – automatic level control of container.
  • Low fuel costs – variable pump gives minimal fuel consumption.
  • Ergonomics – simple operation and a safe working place.
  • Safety – high visibility for safe container handling.