Folding arm EcoDrive - safer, smoother and more efficient


Our Folding arm skiploader EcoDrive is the latest development in our EcoDrive system and is a perfect choice for container driving that requires stability and efficiency. Together with EcoDrive, you can load and unload your containers in a safer, smoother and more efficient way.

Less fuel consumption, faster load handling, smoother movements, weight indication are just some of the benefits. As standard, a new function is included which makes it possible for the driver to shake the container to get rid of the load in a much smoother way. But also a control panel on the outside for faster load handling.

JOAB's EcoDrive system has been developed with the user in focus, where efficiency, user-friendliness and the environment have been the starting point in our development work.

Quick facts

  • 10-, 12-, 14- och 18-ton lifting and tipping capacity.
  • Adapted for 2-, 3- och 4-axle chassis.
  • 50% faster lifting function compared to traditional skiploaders.
  • Up to 60% energy savings can be achieved due to newly designed piping and optimized hydraulic valves.
  • Fewer line components.
  • Better hydraulic system - softer running counteracts cracking.
  • Optimized and prepared for all-brand electric chassis, providing superior battery life.
  • Supervised security functions.
  • Pump selection - the system handles both variable and fixed flow.
  • Easier to supplement with functions afterwards through smart modular thinking.

Additional equipment

  • Container rotator - improved function and smoother control with EcoDrive.
  • Weight indication - possibility to weigh the container through the hydraulic system and get it out on display.
  • Radio control - Proportional radio control of the main functions of the lift dumper, with the exception of the extension, tipping hook and rotator which has on / off.
  • Control panel - as an option, there is a few control panels on the right side as well.
  • Hydraulic load securing - with monitoring that secures your load.

Standard functions

Quick operation

50% faster lift function compared to traditional skip loaders.

Shake container

Makes it possible to shake the container to get rid of loads in a much smoother way.

Control panel

By default, control panel on the outside left, is included. Equipped with emergency stop.


Easy-to-handle display that provides a simple overview of all the lift's functions.


Type Capacity (ton) Weight (kg) Pressure (bar) Body Length (mm) Rec.wheelbase Com.
VL 12-4600 AA 12 3010 270 4600 4500-4700 Utan utskjut
VL 12U-4600 AA 12 3560 270 4600 4500-4700 Med plåtutskjut
VL 12U-4600 AA 12 3370 270 4600 4500-4700 Med balkutskjut
VL 14-4600 AA 14 3010 280 4600 4500-4700 Utan utskjut
VL 14U-4600 AA 14 3560 280 4600 4500-4700 Med plåtutskjut
VL 14U-4600 AA 14 3370 280 4600 4500-4700 Med balkutskjut
VL 18-5400 AA 18 3260 290 5400 3800-4600 Utan utskjut
VL 18U-5400 AA 18 3750 290 5400 3800-4600 Med plåtutskjut
VL 18U-4600 AA 18 3580 290 5400 3800-4600 Med balkutskjut
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