HMF Crane 1320-K


Tested to the limit
An HMF crane is never released until it has been tested again and again. All crane series are put on the test bench, where the crane is loaded up to at least 125 % of its nominal capacity in all positions. Not just once, but 145,000 times! The crane is also exposed to a dynamic test in which the durability of all components is tested.

Adaptable stabilizer solutions
The stabilizer legs of the crane are to ensure stability - however they still have to be sturdy, easy to handle and must not take up too much space when not in use. Therefore you can choose between fixed stabilizer legs, manual swing-up stabilizer legs to 30/60° or manual swing-up stabilizer legs to 180° with gas spring. Stabilizer beams can be freely selected as hydraulically extensible or manually extensible, also in connection with the sophisticated EVS stability monitoring.

HMF radio remote control
The HMF radio remote control is part of a unique operation and safety system (TCC - Total Crane Control), which provides the operator with all advantages and possibilities for operating the crane functions and important safety functions on the HMF RCL Safety System. By means of the remote control box you can carry out many tasks besides operating the crane, independent of a fixed control position.

EVS - active securing of stability
HMF’s patent pending stability safety system, EVS, is continuously taking into account the current load on the vehicle so that crane and truck are in perfect balance. As the system includes the load on the truck body as a part of the tare weight of the vehicle, it means that you actually obtain a considerably larger working area with a load on the truck body - thanks to EVS.


HMF Radio Remote Control

HMF's radio control is one part of a unique control and safety system (TCC – Total Crane Control) which gives the crane operator all the advantages and possibilities for radio control of crane functions and essential safety functions in the HMF RCL safety system. A number of actions can be performed in addition to controlling […]

EVS – stability system

Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) is a dynamic vehicle stability system that constantly monitors the stability of the vehicle in all working areas during crane operation. EVS actively incorporates the load on the vehicle, the inclination of the ground, the vehicle heel, the load moment of the crane, and its working speed. EVS can increase the […]

Versatile outrigger solutions

The crane's outriggers must provide stability but also be easy to use. They also must not take up too much space when in use. Therefore, you can choose between fixed outriggers, 180° manually swivelling outriggers with gas struts or 180° hydraulically fully swivelling outriggers. It is possible to choose an extendable boom for hydraulically extending […]