Through interaction we create successful innovations for the transport industry


Our flexible organisation and ambition to collaborate closely with our users have created a strong brand. The best proof of this is the recurring trust our customers have in us.

JOAB is a leader in the bodybuilding industry for trucks in the Nordic region. We develop, manufacture and sell skip loaders, hook lifts, flatbeds with cranes, the market's smartest swap system Cameleont™, as well as Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs). JOAB is also the exclusive distributor of HMF cranes in Sweden and Finland. Our customers are private and municipal recycling contractors, haulers, truck manufacturers, truck dealers and other bodybuilders. More than 50 years' experience within the industry has given us a wealth of expertise.

JOAB is quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and offers high-quality products, technical know-how and service for the best long-term solution and investment for our customers. We actively work to reduce our environmental impact. After recent investment, we now have completely fossil-free heating in our main production facility.

In our product development, we work with the life cycle perspective and our recently launched skiploader and hook lift from the EcoDrive range significantly reduces fuel consumption. This results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions during its life cycle when operating on fossil fuels. During electrical operation, the range is extended significantly thanks to JOAB EcoDrive's reduced energy consumption.

Our flexible organization and ambition to work closely with our users have created a strong brand. The best proof of this is the recurring trust our customers have in us. We currently have operations in Gothenburg, Dals Rostock, Lessebo, Malmo, Jordbro, Täby and Blomstermåla, as well as Nurmijärvi in Finland. Since its inception in 1963, JOAB has continually expanded and gained market share. About 40% of sales go to exports, primarily to the Nordic countries but also to Switzerland, Austria and the Baltic countries.


JOAB's code of conduct are our guidelines on how we conduct our operations. At JOAB we want to create added value for our customers, suppliers and employees and at the same time contribute to sustainable environmental and societal development.

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JOAB has a whistleblowing feature in Trust & Heart. This is in addition to existing channels for reporting misconduct and irregularities.

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JOAB publishes its annual report in September. Click on the link below to view our latest annual report (only available in Swedish).

Annual Report 2021/2022

Annual Report 2020/2021

Annual Report 2019/2020

Annual Report 2018/2019

Annual Report 2017/2018


JOAB shall deliver hydraulically controlled truck superstructures and carry out service that meets our customers' requirements and expectations.

Through creativity and flexibility as well as continuous improvement shall we create an efficient and service-oriented organization that produces and delivers competitive products and services.

We must protect the environment and fulfill binding requirements. Our environmental adaptation must be an ongoing process in every part of the business to achieve a better environmental performance.

In the company's effort to achieve sustainable development, the consumption of energy, as well as carbon dioxide emissions, are reduced. Generated operational waste must be sorted at source, hazardous waste must be handled correctly, and we will work with substitution and phasing out of our chemicals.

We shall involve our suppliers and other collaboration partners in our quality and environmental management work and through active collaboration we shall achieve continuous improvements.

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JOAB knows that responsible sustainability work, where the company protects the environment and people, not only contributes to a more sustainable society and safer employees but also contributes to new business opportunities, technical innovations, improved working environment and better financial conditions.
JOAB's activities support the UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development. The four goals where JOAB considers itself to have the greatest opportunity to influence are Gender Equality, Sustainable Energy for All, Sustainable Industry, Innovations and Infrastructure and Combating Climate Change. JOAB works continuously to integrate these goals into our overall goals, focus areas and in the work with the business plan. Read more about our sustainability report in our annual report.


JOAB are members of the Lastfordonsgruppen LFG and apply delivery regulations LFG21.

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The companys founder, Jan Olsson, is an active entrepreneur, with a business mind and a genuine interest in technology and societal development in general. In 1963, he started Motorfirma Jan Olsson without capital and higher education in his parents' garage in Hisingen. This car workshop was the starting point for the leading truck bodybuilder JOAB is in the Nordics today.