Meet Claes-Håkan Andreazon

Claes-Håkan Andreazon

We celebrate our dear colleague Claes-Håkan Andreazon who has worked with us for 25 years! Read more about him and his time at JOAB.

How did your long career with JOAB begin?
My first job at JOAB was as logistics manager in the summer of 1996 in Dals Rostock. There I drove a truck and was responsible for in & out deliveries.
Before that, I was already active in the transport industry and drove trucks in the area. After about a year in the warehouse, Jan Olsson (owner) came by and wanted me to start working with sales instead. At that time we were only three salesmen in the area so we quickly became a close-knit team. It was a bit on that path I got into the role that developed over time.

And how did this role develop, what are you working with today?
Today I still work with sales but a little broader and with other areas of responsibility. Nowadays, I am responsible for the Norwegian market and also work as a project manager for skiploader. The role as a salesperson is very much about relationship building, which means that I still have many customers in the Swedish market. It is very fun to have many returning customers, it shows the trust in the seller and the products.

How do you see JOAB as a workplace?
I think that JOAB has always been a stable and safe workplace. There has always been room for development for those who want to take the step.
Despite the fact that the company has grown larger, we still have fast decision-making paths and closeness to our CEO and other key people in the company. We also have many products that we are good at and the opportunity to develop these together with our customers. Good products are very important and you can not sell something that you do not believe in it yourself.

What does it take to succeed in your role?
Responsiveness, knowledge and availability are three important qualities for success as a salesperson. It has taken me to where I am today.
As a salesperson, you must have knowledge, not only about what you are selling, but also about the customer and their needs / wishes. Availability is also something I think is very much appreciated by our customers. Since I have the experience as a truckdriver, it easier for me to understand customers' lives and needs a little better.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have previously been more active and played badminton. Now I instead follow my friend's children who have made it to the national team in badminton.
Otherwise we have a summer home on the west coast and are happy to go there by boat and spend time with family and friends.

Do you have a fun memory to share?
After 25 years at the company, you have time to acquire a lot of memories. One such was the fair in 2003 in Hällerud, Norway. At that time they had a so-called dress code with tie and suit. The fair was outdoors and the weather was not directly on our side, it started to rain and water poured down in our stand. There we stood in the mud with fine shoes. Luckily Jan Olsson (the owner) was on his way to the fair and we got him to buy rain boots for us. The fun thing except that we had to stand in rain boots and fine clothes, was that the boots were in all the colors of the rainbow, red, blue, green, yellow.


Finally, do you have tips for colleagues on how to have a long and sustainable career?
Always be honest with your customers, colleagues but also with yourself. Honesty, as they say, lasts the longest and is appreciated. Although it can sometimes lead to losing one deal, you will certainly win the next. As a salesperson, we represent the customer at the company and must always keep this in mind when a product is developed.

Claes-Håkan Andreazon