JOAB side loader with shared vessels


As the requirements for collection close to homes and properties increase, the suppliers of vehicles need to adapt more and more in order to be able to meet all needs.
By working closely with our customers, we can tailor sustainable, efficient and profitable solutions adapted directly to the customer's needs.

One such example is our side loader adapted for split carriages with "butterfly" lids where you are able to weigh each fraction separately.
Being able to weigh two different fractions in the same vessel has not previously been possible.

JOAB has solved this by emptying a fraction in the roof and weighing between the empties. At the first emptying, one arm holds against one lid so that only one fraction is emptied, then the next fraction can be emptied.
With the help of a total of three weighings (full vessel, vessel with one fraction emptied, empty vessel) the weight of each fraction is obtained.

We can only predict what the future holds for challenges, but we know that there will be many exciting projects in the future close with our customers.

See the film below that LAVAB and others have produced with JOAB's side loader.