Code of conduct


Shall guide JOAB's employees in their contact with other employees, customers and suppliers and society in general. Prescribes that JOAB and its employees must follow laws and ordinances and that these laws also set the minimum standard for our actions.

JOAB's policy is that we must act as responsible citizens and contribute to sustainable development. From this it follows that JOAB encourages suppliers and other business partners to follow these principles in the areas they can influence. These principles shall also be applied in the assessment of current and potential partners. The code applies to all employees of JOAB.



  • To win and retain customers through continuous development and to be able to offer products, services and solutions that meet customers' expectations of function, design, quality, safety and environmental properties.


  • Gifts, invitations/entertainment, compensation and personal benefits may only be offered to third parties if they are of little value and follow normal industry practice. No gifts, invitations/entertainment or personal benefits may be offered if they are in violation of applicable laws. Gifts that do not meet the above rules must be reported to management, who will decide what action to take. Bribes are prohibited and therefore all forms of compensation to representatives, suppliers and partners should only concern agreed products and services.


  • To nurture and work to strengthen the brand.
  • To safeguard the company's assets and other resources and use them efficiently and avoid waste.


  • Gifts and benefits. No employee may request or receive any gifts, invitations/entertainment or personal benefits that may reasonably be considered to affect any business transaction. Gifts that do not meet the above rules must be reported to management, who determine how to deal with the situation.


  • To respect employees and their rights, to offer safe and good working conditions, to offer non-discriminatory conditions and to develop knowledge and skills to ensure personal satisfaction and promote personal development opportunities.


  • Employees are only hired and promoted on the basis of their qualifications for the job, without regard to origin, religion, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, political opinions, marital status or disability, which does not affect the relevant work task.


  • JOAB does not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or violence in the workplace. Forced labour and child labour are also absolutely forbidden in all our operations.


  • All employees shall be given correct and fair remuneration in relation to their individual performance and contribution to the company's success.


  • All employees shall have the opportunity to partake in appropriate training that helps them develop relevant skills and grow within the company.


  • Conflicts of interest. No employee may participate in activities or hold a position outside JOAB which conflicts with the company's business interests or prevents the performance of the service. Any commitments must be discussed and notified to the CEO. Work within non-profit associations with little or no compensation is not covered.


  • To conduct operations as a responsible social player in accordance with prescribed laws, regulations and accepted ethical norms.
  • Not to violate human rights.
  • To offer a safe and healthy work environment and contribute to sustainable development.
  • JOAB's employees are encouraged to get involved in societal issues, but the company does not support political parties or religious communities and does not make donations to such organisations.


This code of conduct applies to all of JOAB's business activities and all personnel, regardless of location. The code states the main principles of shared responsibility and may not cover all conceivable problems. It is intended to give guidelines for employees on how to act with integrity and good judgement in every situation. How the code is followed will be regularly evaluated. The code will also be regularly reviewed and modified as required. No one in the organisation has a mandate to approve deviations from the code of conduct.

Each manager within the JOAB organisation is responsible for ensuring that employees receive complete information about the Group's code of conduct and that it is implemented and complied with. Managers must behave so that they become a model and practical example of the application of the code.

The Human Resources manager acts as an independent advisor to any employee who needs help, advice or explanations regarding the company's policy. The Human Resources manager is obliged to report all irregularities/complaints concerning the code of conduct to JOAB's CEO. In the event of serious offences that violate the code of conduct, employment may be called into question.

Peter Olsson
CEO of JOAB Companies