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Spare parts

Our original parts are high quality and are made according to the same stringent requirements and manufacturing standards as the parts used for new superstructures.

All spare parts undergo a variety of tests to ensure that the vehicle remains reliable, safe and lasts a long time. Your superstructure consists of a number of technical components that are designed and developed to make the vehicle safe and reliable. Replacement of a spare part should never result in losing a function. With JOAB's original parts you can be sure that your vehicle retains all its characteristics in terms of reliability, safety and comfort.

Spare parts


When buying spare parts, have the customer number, body building number and reference available.
For article numbers, see our spare parts catalogs below.

Send an e-mail to  to order or call +46 31 705 06 86 .

When returning, contact us and fill in the Return Note.


In our spare parts catalogs, you will find the spare part for your particular product.
Spare Parts Catalogs

In order for the guarantee to still apply, you need to contact a JOAB authorized service partner.
Find your nearest service partner here.