With constantly increasing demands for sustainability and efficiency, we introduce our latest innovation in property-close waste collecting- FNI-4. JOAB FNI-4 lifts waste collecting to a whole new level by offering a unique combination of innovative technology and versatile functionality. By combining proven technology with modern design, we have created a solution that not only increases productivity but also reduces environmental impact.

With a focus on sustainability, innovation, productivity, flexibility and safety, FNI-4 represents a new standard for property-close collection. Let us now explore the four core components that make FNI-4 the obvious choice for modern waste collection.

With our latest innovation, FNI-4, we take a significant step forward towards sustainable development. By using and combining existing products, we have created a completely unique product. That is what we call innovation.

By creating a workplace inside the car right next to the cabin, we save considerable time for our operators. Instead of going back and forth with bins around the car, the operator can work efficiently on a very small area which under optimal conditions can save up to 5 km of walking distance per day. In addition, we have optimized the emptying of the truck, which means that we save valuable time every day. Add to that the truck has extremely short overhang which makes it very easy to maneuver in tight spaces! That’s how we create increased productivity through innovative solutions.

With the increasing variation of bin types and brands on the market, it can be challenging to keep up. But with our FNI-4 construction, only one car is needed to handle all different types of bins, from 4-compartment and split bins to standard bins of 80-770 liters. And not only that, you have the freedom to empty any bin in any compartment in the car. A unique flexibility with profitability in focus.

The market’s safest waste collecting truck body? By placing the operator’s work area on the inside the vehicle, they are effectively protected from surrounding traffic. But we are not satisfied with that. To further increase the safety of operators, cyclists and pedestrians, we light up the work area with red warning lighting. It is innovative safety that makes your business both safer and more productive.