Hooklift S10-12

Hooklift S 10-12 is a flexible, easily operated and fast hook lift. Our design offers one of the lowest build heights and self-weight available on the market today while the lowered tip axle increases the lifting force.

  • 10 and 12 metric tons lift and tip capacity.
  • Adapted for 2 axle chassis.
  • The hook height complies with both SMS and DIN standards and suits most hook lift bodies available on the market.
  • Automatic lowering brake that dampers the speed during the final phase of the lowering movement.
  • Robust design for increased strength and long life.
  • Extensive option range designed for just your requirements.
  • Prepared for Cameleont swap system.
  • Apart of our construction concept FBS, which comprises corrosion-resistant products (ready-painted during assembly). FBS also gives shorter lead times.
  • As a customer you benefit through many years of profitable ownership.
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