Electric-Hybrid Technic

JOAB presents the latest technology for our most environmentally friendly customers. JOAB Anaconda can now be delivered with Electric-Hybrid Technic. The Joab Anaconda can now work in nearly total silence thanks to the new technic. This is something that is very appreciated, especially in areas where the waste is collected in early mornings and late evenings.

By using the Electric-Hybrid Technic you can go into an area, switch off the engine (automatically done when the driver leaves the cab), collect your waste without disturbing the people around you. At the same time the effects on the air pollution are minimized as well as it gives a nice working environment for the user of the truck. As owner of an electric hybrid unit you will also get the benefit of reduced your fuel consumption.

The refuse collection vehicle functions for lifters, compaction and unloading are runned by an electric motor that gets its energy from a battery package mounted onto the chassis. The battery is recharged during the night and it is lasting for one full day shift. If the unit is working double shifts or long hours the battery can be recharged through four generators during transportation.

The electric hybrid Technic is available for all Joab Anaconda products.

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