EcoDrive Hooklift

Our EcoDrive Hooklift has a lot of smart user funtions. The patent pending EcoDrive system reduces the energy consumption at the same time as it helps the driver to a safer, easier and faster operation.

  • 18, 21,  24- och 27 metric tons lift and tip capacity.
  • EcoDrive* saves up to 50 % energy compared to competing hooklifts.
  • Reduced numbers of sensors and hydraulic components.
  • Increased rigidity and tippingstability.
  • Reduced weight with up to 150 kg.
  • IPC, the system senses when the pump needs to be activated, which means the pump only activates when power is needed.
  • EcoDrive system has a modular design which means it can easily be equipped with auxiliary features even after manufacture, for example plow hydraulic
  • Our construction is one of the lowest on the markets when it comes to building height and tare weight.
  • Part of our construction concept FBS, which comprises corrosion-resistant products (ready-painted during assembly). FBS also gives shorter lead times.

To simplify the process of selecting the correct EcoDrive opitons we have put together several packages with different options required for certain types of work:

  • The Fast Drive Package
  • The Technical Package
  • The Asphalt Packages Base and Premium

For more information about these packages please contact your local salesman:


*EcoDrive means that the driver uses minimal energy when loading and unloading by not activating quick functions to carry out loading.

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