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Location: Alingsås - Västra Götaland

Number of employees: 3

Operations, what do you do?
The business is mostly in the construction industry such as assembly of houses and industrial halls, transport and raised roofing material as well as relocation of sheds and containers etc. But we also work with a few other assignments such as moving boats, works of art, pools, crushing equipment and some other exciting things.

When did you start working with JOAB? Which products do you have?
In the spring of 2014, our business was in full swing with a crane truck. Then later there were two more almost identical, one with HMF 8520 and one with HMF 9520.

How has JOAB helped you in your challenges?
The biggest challenge lies in solving all our customers' assignments, from small to large, demanding lifts. Our crane trucks handle most things imaginable and during all the years we have hired JOAB for problems and service of cranes, it has worked excellently. When ordering spare parts, for example, which need to arrive immediately, especially considering that the HMF cranes are manufactured in Denmark.

Otherwise, what do you think of JOAB? Support? Service etc.
We are very satisfied with both support and service. We have a great relationship with talented employees at JOAB and for us it is important to have a reliable partner to grow together in the future. JOAB is a very service-oriented company with many good employees who respond to problems quickly.