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Location: Alingsås – Västra Götaland

Number of employees: 5

Operations, what do you do?
We are hauliers mostly dealing with waste and recycling transports. We also transport gravel, soil, machinery, and various construction transports.

When did you start working with JOAB? Which products do you have?
We have always worked with Joab. But since the beginning of 2018, it has all been about Joab. We currently have 5 bogies with Joab L20s, 2 skip loaders with VLU18s and 2 LVLU18s.

What are your main challenges? What type of loads, assignments, what types of customer do you have?
Our biggest challenge is being able to deliver and complete all assignments within the customers' timeframes. We drive for several large recycling companies and municipalities, all of which place high demands on availability and customer service. We mainly transport waste of various kinds, both using skip loaders and hook lifts with trailers.

How have JOAB products helped you tackle your challenges?
Joab has helped us become more efficient with their products, which rarely cause problems and always deliver. All vehicles usually cycle and tip around 15 bins per day, so reliability is incredibly important to us. The system with fixed L20 hook and LVLU18 has helped us rationalise our transports and reduce empty operation. There is hardly nothing we cannot do with our vehicle thanks to it.

What is your overall view of JOAB? Support? Service etc.
The support team has been excellent and they have been able to help us over the phone. Our sales representative, Loffe, has been great and has helped us put together all the solutions we wanted.