JOAB has delivered nearly 50 RCV units to contractor Veireno in Oslo.
The cars will collect household waste in Oslo and it is the first time that an entrepreneur has been awarded contracts for all districts in Oslo with a joint start-up.

The delivery includes several different types of models.
Twelve of the vehicles are power-driven for best environmental performance.
4 pcs is a newly developed model with crane for emptying buried containers.
And the others are both two- and three-axle cars units with large volumes, but also low models intended for driving in a garage.

“It has been stimulating to work with this project, which has meant tough demands and challenges. We have worked very close with the customer, focused on the boundaries and developed ideas together in a very successful way. ” – says Tom Sjöstrand, JOAB’s sales manager for RCV.
JOAB has sold more RCV units this year than ever before.