JOAB invests in Dalsland's largest solar park!

JOAB invests 12 million in Dalsland's largest solar park!

JOAB has decided to build Dalsland's largest solar park in Dals-Rostock, outside Mellerud. The solar park is being built in connection with JOAB's production facility and will supply the entire operation with sustainable energy.

The total production capacity will be over one million kWh and is as much as the entire annual consumption of JOAB's production facility including the painting facility that Itab operates. This means that JOAB will produce as much electricity with solar cells as it consumes and then take a big step towards a climate-neutral production facility.

During the year, JOAB also invested 9 million in solar cell installations on all of the company's properties in Gothenburg. This year, JOAB has thus invested over 20 million in solar installations. This is part of the company's sustainability initiative, which includes several different activities.

"We want to invest in a sustainable future and have made it clear in our environmental goals that JOAB must reduce energy use and minimize our climate impact.
Therefore, it feels very stimulating to make this investment and take a big step in reducing our climate footprint. Hopefully this can push other companies to also break free and make similar decisions.” - says Peter Olsson, CEO at JOAB.

The goal is for all solar cells' facilities to be in operation before next summer.


The solar park - ground area

The solar park - illustration