• 1963 – JOAB was founded by Jan Olsson at Hisingen in Gothenburg, working  at first with vehicle repairs.

  • 1965 – JOAB moved to the Östergärde Industrial Park and continued repair shop operations.

  • 1966 – JOAB started manufacturing dump truck bodies.

  • 1967 – The first “JOAB Lift” SkipLoader was manufactured.

  • 1969 – JOAB manufactures its first dump truck.

  • 1970 – First export order. To Porsgrund, Norway

  • 1974 – A new skiploader  was developed. Prototype.

  • 1975 – Retractable-arm skip loader – The new generation of SkipLoaders was launched.

  • 1979 – The Retractable-arm SkipLoader was supplemented with an overhang platform for 2 containers.

  • 1986 – JOAB acquired one of the longest-established truck body manufacturers in Sweden, the Hjalmarsfors Vagnfabrik AB in Dals-Rostock, to where manufacturing was relocated. Operations in Gothenburg was moved to new premises in the Östergärde Industrial Park.

  • 1987 – JOAB began manufacturing HookLifts, the first one being Type J18.

  • 1990 – In Dals Rostock, the factory was extended with a third factory area.

  • 1992 – Cameleont® was launched as a swap body system for rapid and easy body swaps.

  • 1996 – Production capacity was increased with the installation of a welding robot in Dals-Rostock.

  • 1997 – A low-frame HookLift, L20 (low 20 tns), was designed and launched, and became an immediate market success.

  • 1999 – In December Lessebo Hydraulik AB in Småland was bought, and JOAB added the Lessebo Lift to its range.

  • 2001 – In Gothenburg, the business moved into a completely newly built larger property.

  • 2002 – Peter Olsson appointed as new Managing director. The Finnish competitor Hookmaster was bought and incorporated in the company.

  • 2003 – JOAB - Environment and Quality Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

  • 2005 – JOAB inaugurated it's up-to-date paintshop in Dals Rostock.

  • 2006 – JOAB started RVC production in Mönsterås municipality.

  • 2008 – JOAB bought an industrial estate in Blomstermåla and moved the RCV production to Blomstermåla.

  • 2009 – JOAB invested in a second industrial estate in the same area. The new production building of 7000 sqm gave a total production space of 12000 sqm. Together with the latest investment was also 2 complete robot welding stations bought.

  • 2013 – JOAB celebrates 50-year anniversary. New office opens in Finland, strengthening sales organization in Finland.

  • 2014 – JOAB entered a partnership with the largest refuse collection vehicle manufacturer in Europe, German-owned Faun/Zoeller and gets thereby a more complete and comprehensive range of products to offer the market. JOAB also invested in a new welding robot plant for its production of hooklifts in its factory in Dals Rostock.

  • 2015 – JOAB introduces three new products, L18X, L26 and JOAB E-Power, an environmentally friendly PTO which allows you to run your bodywork on electric power. JOAB also invested in a new welding robot plant for its production of hooklifts in its factory in Dals Rostock.

  • 2016 – JOAB is investing over 50 milion SEK in expanded assembly capacity. The new assemly hall gets an area of 3000 square meters and will be located near JOAB headquarters in Gothenburg. JOAB moved into its new premises at Stora Holm in November 2016.

  • 2018 – JOAB launches the patent-pending hooklift program EcoDrive, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and gives the user more efficient, faster and safer work.

    – From 1 April 2018, JOAB Recycling AB will be transferred to JOAB Försäljnings AB. It relates to JOAB Recycling's operations in the field of development, production, marketing and sales of RCV. The transfer of operations takes place to make the administrative routines of the JOAB Group more efficient.

  • 2019 –JOAB acquires Finnish Pro Lift OY's operations on April 1, 2019. The acquisition complements the Group's operations with the addition of mainly HMF cranes and an expanded service market in Finland.

    – JOAB launches fixed flatbed that we develop and produce in-house. The new, self-developed flatbeds, together with Pro Lift's existing range of flatbeds adapted for the largest cranes, means that JOAB can now offer a complete range of fixed flatbeds for cranes between 10 and 100TM.

  • 2020 –JOAB takes over the distribution of Hillend front loaders for the Nordic countries previously operated by KD Hydraulik in Denmark and Zetterbergs in Sweden.

    – JOAB delivers seven hooklifts til Swedavia that will sweep, salt & clear airports around the country.


  • 2021 –JOAB launches the 30-ton hooklift L30A EcoDrive, which is the strongest low-rise hooklift on the market.

    – Sweden's first hydrogen-powered garbage truck is developed in collaboration between Renova, Powercell Sweden AB, Scania and JOAB.

    - JOAB receives its largest order in the company's history and includes approximately 230 units for the Armed Forces in Sweden.


  • 2022 – JOAB launches the first EcoDrive skiploader, model VL is first out.

    - Delivery of a hooklift to Molanders Transport in Gothenburg: Scania T143 8x4 with JOAB L24. Behind the cab, the motif features ice hockey star Henrik Lundqvist.

    – Elmia Truck was a successful fair with many visitors.


  • 2023 – Solar Park - JOAB starts producing its own electricity in Dals Rostock.
    Hållbarhet hos JOAB

    - JOAB appoints a new CEO, Stefan Hartzén

    – JOAB celebrates its 60th anniversary

  • 2023 – JOAB launches an entirely new standard for on-site waste collection, FNI-4.