Continued successful partnership

Continued successful partnership between JOAB and Zoeller Kipper Gmbh & Zoeller Tech

We are very pleased to announce another exciting and significant milestone in our partnership with ZOELLER KIPPER GmbH - ZOELLER TECH. After nine years of successful cooperation, we have extended our partnership for another ten years. This is an indication of the outstanding trust and mutual commitment that has been built up over the years. This ten-year extension means that we will continue to work together to deliver high-quality products and innovative solutions to our customers.

Read more about this in the ZOELLER KIPPER GmbH - ZOELLER TECH official press release below:

"Yet again our fruitful cooperation has been extended - when we started working at the beginning of 2014 with JOAB, a Swedish manufacturer of municipal vehicle bodies, we did not expect that the distribution of our products in the Nordic countries, would be so successful.  At this point, we can proudly boast of our collaboration for the past nine years, which has enabled us to build together and market approx. 1,400 units in the Nordic market, of which more than half were of the ANACONDA TWIN type. The Twin model is a two-chamber vehicle designed for the collection of household waste, featuring two separate intake flaps and a split hopper preventing the mixing of materials in the separate chambers.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the cooperation between JOAB - ZOELLER KIPPER GmbH - ZOELLER TECH is now being extended for another ten years. All of us agree that all these years of developing, improving and producing our vehicles enable us to build something far more valuable than just an agreement on paper - friendship and trust! Trust in business makes for successful relationships - the so-called Gentleman's agreement to move forward, look ahead and make the best of any situation.  – says Rainer Rohler, CEO of Zoeller Tech."

Partnership between JOAB and ZOELLER KIPPER GmbH - ZOELLER TECH

Rainer Rohler - Zoeller Tech (CEO) / Fredrik Börjesson - JOAB (Sales Manager RCV) / Stefan Hartzén - JOAB (CEO) / Peter Olsson - JOAB (Owner) / Thomas Schmitz - Zoeller Kipper (CEO) / Krzysztof Sosnowy - Zoeller Tech (Export Manager)


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