Floor & Bulkhead Boards

Note: the image shown is for illustrative purpose only and does not reflect the actual flat bed.

Read Using this Catalogue before ordering a part from the table.

Table 15: Floor & Bulkhead Boards
Pos. Qty. Part Nr. Description
1 1 1018422 Bulkhead board
-- 1 X-59 All boards - complete
S 1 X-59-S1
Individual floor board - read text below
-- 13 1018751 Sealant
-- 80 1018752 Floor Board Screws

1 Replace S in the part number listed above with the number that represents the position of the floor board from the bulkhead. The first floor board is 1. The part number for it is X-59-1. The second board is X-59-2 and so forth. Where X is the serial number of the flat bed.