Open countryside

Responsibility and care for our environment

JOAB assumes responsibility for the environment where its customers operate, so that they can safely work in harmony with the open countryside that is such an important part of Swedens´s heritage.

Proof of what we can do

"... withstands both greater heights and stronger winds"

When maintenance is being done on the Øresund Bridge, with work carried out high above the roadway, Perssons Entreprenad is in charge of the lifting. The company recently purchased a vehicle with a JOAB superstructure in the form of an HMF crane and a load exchange.

Full speed ahead

JOAB´s environmental focus key to its QA

It took 50 years to become a market leader. With the support of the knowledge capital of more than 200 employees, JOAB is working single-mindedly and with a long-term view to offer its customers creative solutions to the technical challenges of tomorrow.

The word is out

JOAB strengthens its brand outside of Sweden

The enormous German market is opening up and Swedish quality continues to maintain its good reputation. A collaboration with Faun / Zoller is currently being initiates. JOAB´s expanded product line means increased expertise and effectiveness.

Hook Lift for a new age! We were first with low Hook Lifts and now we go even further. With our new Hook Lift L26, we have adapted ourselves to a higher total weight and new technologies.

Next Generation of Hook Lift is here!

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“For us at JOAB is not the deal finished when we have sold a product, we are with you all the way”

– Fredrik Ärlebo, Sales manager


“JOAB technical support is very much appreciated and will strengthen us as a professional and attractive partner. We put a lot of resources to offer this free service”

– Peter Olsson, CEO